Picking Out the Perfect Apology Gift for Forgetting her Birthday

It’s that time of the year again! The day the most important women in your life deserve to be spoilt and pampered. It’s now your time to make her feel special. That’s right! It’s her birthday!

What’s that? You forgot all about it? Well, to be fair, the day just rolled around even before you noticed! Don’t worry; you aren’t the only one who has ever done the same.

It’s time for damage control. A regular present just won’t do this year. Your gift now needs to be extra special!

If that’s the case, you’re going to love these luxury birthday presents that your mom or significant other will not only love but will probably rave about and show off to all her friends! (which will probably be your saving grace!)

Designer Perfume

Perfume is always a great and classy idea for a present. But this year, make it up to her by taking it a notch further by splurging on a designer perfume like any of the bestselling women’s perfume for 2018.

Make the woman in your life feel confident and youthful with the amazing scents. The super sleek packaging of the bottles are sure to be a hit!

Silk Pillowcases

Help your mom or wife pamper herself with a luxury silk pillowcase. These are not only sure to feel great but also help take care of her hair and skin and prevent fine lines, wrinkles and bed head.

Anti-Aging Products

If your loved one is concerned about aging and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, consider getting her a collection of anti-aging products. These will make sure her skin retains its youthful look and some can even help reverse the signs of aging!

Luxury Candles

The perfect gift for your mother, wife or girlfriend, luxury candles are sure to make her feel special and leave her house smelling great! A fragrant house equals a happy woman, right? But you also know that she would never willingly spend more than $50 on a scented candle for herself, no matter how much she wants to. So why not buy it for her? Choose one of the best luxury candles money can buy and surprise her this year!

Nuriyah NYC Handbag


If your mother is anything like every other mother in existence, she’s probably still using the handbag she got off the clearance sale at Target 3 years ago that’s almost at the end of its life. Go big and treat her with a Nuriyah NYC handbag (like the one pictured above) that’s going to last her for years to come and is sure to make her the talk of the neighborhood parties – attention she’s sure to love!

If you’re looking for the best luxury handmade bags for women, we’ve got you covered! We, at Nuriyah NYC, specialize in exotic custom-made bags that combine the exotic with the modern. Our mission to pay it forward ensures that a part of our revenue goes into women and children empowerment. Become a part of our community by purchasing one of our designer handbags and make your mother or wife proud with your socially conscious gift for her.