5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Nuriyah Handbag

Sure, the bag you have hanging off your shoulder right now came at a great deal. It even holds everything you need. It’s versatile and you can pair it with pretty much any outfit.

While bargain bags have their own advantages, the shelf-life of these—if used regularly—is no more than a few months.

Classic designer handbags usually cost an arm and a leg, but the investment is usually worth it. And if you can’t bring yourself to trust some random strangers on the internet, we’ve made up a list of exactly why we think a good quality handbag – like the ones Nuriyah NYC have to offer -  is such a good investment to make:

They are more dependable than your best friend

A decade down the line, when you’re in a completely different place with completely new people, the one thing you know you can always depend on will probably be your Nuriyah NYC handbag.

These bags are durable—and when we say durable, we mean they will last for years and years and probably outlive all the bargain pieces you have stashed in your cupboard.

Sure, they cost a lot, but when you count in the years of use you get out of them, the price does not just make sense, it actually starts looking cheap!

Each Nuriyah NYC bag is one of a kind

No two of Nuriyah NYC bags are made alike. So, the one bag you buy will be yours and only yours for life, with no chances of walking out on the street only to find the woman next to you holding the same bag as you. Imagine that – a custom bag made just for you!

They help you save money

You may not realize this but when you’re constantly buying bargain, low-quality bags from thrift stores and sales – most of which you probably only bought of the price-tag and never even used – you’re racking up a bill that could possibly cost you more than one Nuriyah handbag would.

Bargain handbags are great for on-trend styles that only last for a season – and they’ll probably wear out before the season ends with regular use anyway – but Nuriyah handbags are designed to last. They’re sturdy, trendy and solid investments that will help you save hundreds in the long run.

 Nuriyah NYC support women artists

When you’re buying a designer Nuriyah NYC bag, you’re doing your part in supporting women artists from all over Afghanistan, India and Turkey. A part of all sales from the handbags sold go towards the women who make them. Nuriyah NYC also gives 5 percent of all its sales to charities such as Malala Growth Fund and Ramana’s Garden Children Home for the empowerment of women and children.

They can make even the simplest of outfits look pricey

 Put on a white t-shirt, your favorite faded jeans, and your understated ankle boots. Then grab your Nuriyah NYC handbag and voila—instant upgrade!

When you’re carrying around a luxury bag, people hardly notice how dressed down the rest of you is. Statement bags are easily recognizable, and can earn you some major fashion brownie points, no matter where it is you’re going.

We, at Nuriyah NYC, promise you an iconic luxury handbag, made of the finest quality materials and handcrafted by women in Afghanistan, India and Turkey.

Our collection uses the traditional styles of these countries, infuse them with the modern and create for you pieces that are exotic, elegant and yet still trendy.

A percent of all our profits go into women and children empowerment because we believe in the cause. Become a part of our community and be fashion forward AND help out those less fortunate than you…SIMULTANEOUSLY!