Are Designer Handbags Worth It? (Hint: More Than You Think!)


The logic in fashion is as follows: if you buy designer, it will be all of three things; a limited edition, be top quality, and of course, expensive.

Now, there are a lot of companies that justify the price tag. You’re buying something exclusive made from top quality material. Of course, it will cost an arm and a leg.

However, with companies like Nuriyah, we’re proving that it’s not always so. Our designer purses and bags are relatively more affordable than other designer handbags but we use the same level of quality fabrics and accessories as other designers to make them.

Yet, even with this availability of affordable designer luxury handbags, there is still the question; is it at all worth it in the end?

For that, let’s share our side of the argument.

When Designer Handbags are worth the Investment


They’re worth it if you’re smart with your purchases. Handbags are often considered classic so even if it’s expensive now, you can be assured that you’ll reap the benefits for a long time. Brands have significant value, so you can sell it down the road when the brand’s reputation reaches its peak. Or you can enjoy your reputation as the owner of a rare bag that hasn’t ever gone out of style. But all this is a long-term benefit.

For the current situation, you can buy a worthy designer bag if it satisfies your taste. You’ve developed your sense of style and it’s something you’re sticking to. If you find a bag that perfectly matches your fashion sense, you can buy it to complete your look. This is a major factor behind many sales for designer bags, because often their classic style that fits with every mode of fashion makes them worth the price.

Their design and craftsmanship only cements your trust in your choice. Because the quality of the leather and all materials used is top-notch, you can be happy knowing that it will retain its appearance for years, even decades after you’ve bought it. The same cannot be said for a cheaper quality bag.

Buying a Nuriyah Bag

As a leading company that offers a fine selection of Eastern-inspired women’s luxury handbags, we are proud to cater to a fashion-forward clientele that sees our collection for what it’s worth.

If you’re interested in buying a handbag, take the chance with a Nuriyah. Become a part of a company that’s created by strong women to cater to the fashion needs of other strong women!

Buying the Perfect Gift – Tips on Buying a Handbag for Your Lady Love

We’ll be the first to admit it – it can be difficult to buy the right handbag for a woman— especially if it’s the woman you love.

Sure, you know her likes and dislikes, but how do you make sure that the gorgeous, high-quality designer handbag perfectly satisfies her taste?

For that, you need to follow some tips and rules to buying a designer handbag.



How to Buy a Handbag for a Woman

Access her Style

And by that, we mean her fashion sense and her lifestyle. Does she like practical bags, or something that’s lightweight?

Should the bag have a handle so she can carry it around, or does it need a shoulder strap so she can keep her hands free? The bag is an extension of her style. It has to fit in with her fashion sense, but function as a useful accessory. Buy a bag she wouldn’t mind carrying around, even if it’s just carrying a small makeup kit and her phone.

Be Observant of Her Taste

Check out the different fashion pages she follows online. Look at the colors and textures she prefers and her overall choices in terms of fashion. Does she like big, flashy designs? Or does she love intricate patterns? Observe her choices of clothing and check out her already-owned collection of bags. See if there’s something she doesn’t have, like an evening clutch. Fulfill a need.

Choose the Right Size

If she always loses her things once she tosses them in her purse, consider buying her a smaller handbag. Look at all the things she carries around with her on a daily basis. If her daily things include a paddle brush, a phone charger, a complete makeup kit, a large wallet and more, make sure you buy a bigger handbag so she can easily replace the one she has. Make it easier for her.

Classic Colors are better than Trendy Colors


Classic colors like olive, brown and black as well as camel are common in leather handbags. If you’re confused about trendy shades, go with these instead of any other hue. Classic colors go well with different fashion choices, so your beloved probably won’t have any trouble incorporating the handbag with her style.

Buy Designer Handbags from Nuriyah

We present a gorgeous collection of women’s luxury handbags that go perfectly with different styles.

Created for women by women, these bags offer a combination of traditional eastern styles with quality leather, making each handbag a unique addition to any fashion lover’s collection.

Browse through our collection and buy a handbag following the tips above. She’ll love your choice!