Nuriyah means "radiance" or "light"


Nuriyah's mission is to empower women artisans across the globe to create significant opportunities for self sufficiency.

The founder, Seema Gulati, is a domestic violence survivor. She has the vision to provide a platform for healing and empowerment for other domestic violence victims thorough fashion & the arts. 

Each bag is created utilizing vintage collector's items like semi-precious stones, jewelry, tassels, and embroidery - recreating old traditional pieces into new.  

5% of our profits go to the Malala FundRamana's Garden Children's Home, and other women's empowerment and children's education charities. 

Join the movement in empowering one woman at a time. Bring back the light of the inner goddess for the world to see. We have the power to change the world together. Every step we take is a greater step toward freeing our women from oppression and raising each voice.